What’s Your Favorite Jelly Bean or IOS 6?

Android versus the iPhone has sparked off many conversations over the years. While the former has taken smartphone to mass users the latter enjoys a cult following around the world.

Ever since the release of Android Jelly Bean OS it has time and again been compared to iOS. There are host of factors that contribute to the success of these mobile operating systems. So if you are wondering which one among the two is the winner, please consider the following arguments.

Personal Assistant – A well-organized personal assistant is one of the most sought after applications in a smartphone or tablet. Apple has upgraded Siri and it can now announce game scores and movie listings. However it is still far behind Google Now in the race. The advanced Google Now can also remember your preferences and searches. This is surely a thing of the future.

Maps – Apple had launched its mapping application with lots of interesting features but it has turned into a complete dud compared to Google Map which is surely the most preferred mapping solution in the world. So if you are a Jelly Bean user you are definitely miles ahead of your iOS 6 counterpart.

Games – If you are looking for gaming experience on your smartphone iOS is the winner and has a lot of advantages over Jelly Bean. The reason is pretty simple with more hardware fragmentation Android cannot replicate the same experience as iOS. And since iOS user usually buy games and not get them free as Jelly Bean users the games are also of premium quality.

Chat – Jelly Bean uses Google hangout as the platform for chatting and communicating with friends while Apple iOS 6 uses Facetime. Compared feature to feature Hangout definitely stays ahead of the Facetime both in terms of experience and interface.

Google Play versus Apple App Store – One of the biggest contributors to the success of iOS has been the Apple App Store. Every submission goes through strict scrutiny and this you get hold of quality apps and other digital content on this store. Google Play has definitely revamped the store with the addition of music, TV shows and video but it is nowhere close to Apple App Store.

Social Networking – This is one of the most popular activities on smartphones and tablets. Jelly Bean has introduced expanded email notifications which offers great experience but iOS 6’s notifications pushed to the lock screen does offer better experience. iOS 6 is also clearly ahead with its Facebook and Twitter sharing fields that have been excellently done.

You can clearly see that both Jelly Bean and iOS 6 have their own advantages with the debate slightly tilted in favor of Jelly Bean due to its sheer market size and compatibility with a number of devices. However iOS’ user experience does overcome all odds to make it one of the most aspired platforms for smartphones and tablets. Thus your pick should be solely based on your preference and budget.


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